I Help Self-Employed Professionals Double Their Income And Become Their Better Version

"What you can expect from my way of mentoring is that I am a reliable companion, result-oriented, very honest, quick and straight-forward. I will push you to do the work, challenge your limiting beliefs, point out what works and what doesn’t work for you, celebrate and motivate you along your journey."

- Boi Ngoc-

Main Services

Here are few services that I provide

Membership Program

Suitable for beginners who are still in the self-exploring journey and want to improve confidence, mindset and character

Mini Courses

Suitable for people who want to learn my skills that I used on online business/ marketing/ branding

Boi Ngoc Mentor - I Help You Create Sustainable Online Businesses By Doing What You Love

I am someone who made my own path, and I want to guide people the direction so that they can create original brands and make their own paths too.

My vision and mission is to create the EXTRA TRIBE of leaders in their own fields, who find their own niches, do the right things that is aligned with their calling and purpose.