I’m Boi Ngoc. I Help Self-Employed Professionals Double Their Income And Become Their Better Version

My name is Boi Ngoc and I was born in Cam Ranh – a small city in Vietnam.

I was born in a low class family. My dad fixed fisherman’s boats and my mom raised a few pigs and chickens for a living.

When I was young, my mom had a dream seeing me play the organ in the church therefore she borrowed money to buy a keyboard and sent me to a keyboard class (the teacher was one of her old friends)

Although I didn’t have much possession growing up, I never feel lack or feel less about myself because of my upbringing. I was always on of the top 3 students in my class from primary to high school and I graduated from one of the top universities in Vietnam – Foreign Trade University.

Until …

My first ex-boyfriend broke up with me when I was 21 years old and during our 2 years relationship, I depended on him financially.

I remembered one day in my pocket there was only 1 cent (3,000VND) to park my bike. Being heart broken and broke, that day I made a promise that I would never put myself in a position to be broke and helpless again.

For the past 30 years, I know how it feels to be broke, to have no choice, to be heart broken, to be bullied, to have cyber attack, to have fear and self-doubt, to get a chronic disease that crushed my identity, to be depressed and to get lost in life.

Also I know how to break through it all, how to overcome challenges and setbacks so that I can change my life.

I never thought that I would be an entrepreneur, a business person or even opening a company. My parents wanted me to have a simple life, work in office or to be an English teacher and that was it.

I had no mentors at the beginning, no relationships with higher positioned people, no businessman or musician role model in the family to help guiding me in my career path.

And nowadays I become influential and successful in my field. Building a successful online business for the past 7 years has given me the freedom I want for my life.

I don’t want to talk much about my achievements like other business coaches and mentors. I don’t want to talk about how much money I make and the title I get. I prefer to let my work and actions show who I am.

Boi Ngoc Mentor is a new venture to me. I always feel natural to motivate and direct people the right path. One of my ex-boyfriends from being jobless and depressed to being self-confident and making 700,000USD after 2 years being mentored by me. Most of my friends and piano students ask me for direction and I guided them through it all. I have a natural ability to encourage, motivate, direct and guide people in my life through their challenges.

Therefore, I am here to help you. This is my gift that I want to serve, as a hobby, and also a mission.

What you can expect from my way of mentoring is that I am a reliable companion, result-oriented, sincere, quick, and straightforward. I will push you to do the work, challenge your limiting beliefs, point out what works and what doesn’t work for you, and celebrate and motivate you along your journey.

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